The Interview

In this modern day, money is number one. Let’s be honest, we basically need money for almost everything in life. Your parents need to have money to give you birth in a hospital. You need to pay for your food, your house, your utilities. Even in some public places, you need money to pay the […]

How I Ended Up in Public Speaking

Public speaking is important to us every time, everywhere. The reason it’s important is that the skill can help you differentiate yourself from the others. Most people don’t have the courage to go to the stage and speak in front, that is why it’s a perfect opportunity to stand out from most people. Because of […]

Jazz Origin

The thing that makes life beautiful is that it starts with a beginning. From being born into the world, we grow up. Starting to be able to see the world, we grow up. Beginning to defy gravity and crawl, we grow up. Learn how to walk, we grow up. It’s time to run, we grow […]


Hey! I’m Jazz, and I want to tell you guys a problem I had. The story might get dark real quick so I hope you are ready for it. here it goes: How It Went So there was a national exam simulation in my school on March 11th, 2019. It was an English test, and […]

About Me

What’s up guys, I’m Jazz and I want to share my story. So as long as I remembered, troubles have come to my life over and over. The trouble I had was making friends and social interactions. I still have some troubles with it, but at least now I have plenty of friends. The reason […]

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