Through The Night

Everyone has a different way of living, with a different cause of living it. Whenever you love playing badminton, learn new things or just love to play games, that is you who decide. People sometimes can be judgemental to everything that just not suits them. But in the end, they still can’t decide how you […]

My Meaning of Life

Everything here in life has a meaning. For example, the meaning of food is any substances consumed to provide nutritions, the meaning of a toy is an object for a child to play. The meaning of a chair is a separate seat for a person, typically with 2 legs in front and two others at […]

How I Ended Up in Public Speaking

Public speaking is important to us every time, everywhere. The reason it’s important is that the skill can help you differentiate yourself from the others. Most people don’t have the courage to go to the stage and speak in front, that is why it’s a perfect opportunity to stand out from most people. Because of […]

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