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Dear diary,

I find this week… unique. I’d say it’s unique because it has a lesson I can never forget in my life, and I want to share it to you all. But take this story with a grain of salt, for it might cripple your morality. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Anyways, I am not the type who would be late for my daily routine. But there was a time in this week that I was almost late. I woke up at 05.30 PM because I was doing my homework the night before. I was preparing for my college until my sister asked for my help with her school assignment. Thus, I was late to go to the bus stop; and when I got there, the bus stop was full. I had to wait for the bus along with tens of human beings. Crowded, hot, sweaty, and it was still morning. But when I saw a bus arrived, a lady with a red t-shirt shouted my destination route and guided the ones who wanted to the same route elsewhere. This was obviously a lie! I followed her like everyone else. Her tone and how she spoke were so assuring that we all got swayed by her. But when I arrived at the ‘elsewhere’, I couldn’t find any bus that leads us to there. I went back and asked the staff (which I should’ve done before) just to know that there were no updates at all. I went back to my waiting station and I was grateful in a way that the lady deceived us. Because of her (although it was morally wrong), The people who were waiting there decreased significantly (if not exponentially). So my bus arrived and up I went. My hypothesis of her lying was proven when I realized that the same lady sat beside me on the bus. I suffered an existential crisis for a while.

This made me thinking. Why did people blindly believe what she said? She wasn’t a staff nor did she looked like one. So why? Is there any specific reason?

A similar thing happened just yesterday. So the story is that a few days ago, I asked one of my friends if he is free on Saturday. He said no, he had a class to attend. I was grateful for that because I wanted to know how the situation goes at his college. My friend and I both study under Binus University, but different major and location. I am at Binus ASO School of Engineering while my friend stays at the main campus. Therefore, I was curious about what it felt if I study there. So, I made a plan with my friend and decided to attend his class on Saturday. Yes I know, you’d think it’s impossible. But the thing is, people don’t give a damn thing about you. The class are crowded, some bailed out, and obviously not everyone knows each other in their class. And the best of all for me is that the lecturer and others didn’t notice a thing (well except for my friend). The infiltration has succeeded. I was only grateful that my college weren’t as crowded as there.

Those are the story for today. Based on those stories, I figured out how to manipulate people’s mind. It is morally wrong obviously and I don’t intend to use it if I don’t need to. But it’s a good research nonetheless. So what I found is that there are three ways to manipulate people: fear, money, and trust. I didn’t tell a story about manipulating with people, but what stands out from my stories lies on trust. So from the first story, the lady sounded confident and so assuring that we all believed her. Since everyone was afraid to be late, they all followed the lady. Even though it’s a logical fallacy, people wouldn’t think first before action. Sure people can and will doubt about that but if you are too afraid to ask, then you are just as same as those who believe the lie.

From my second story, you can see I blended in the crowds. Whenever a guy asks about my origin, I would give my full detail except for the fact that I am not a student in his class. But that is if someone asks. In reality, they are too afraid to ask even though they knew I am a stranger. They would just assume that I was either a part of them but always bail out, or a senior.

You see, you don’t need to fabricate a whole story to lie. All you need is to tell the truth and bend it. That way, you’ll be more confident of your lie because you weren’t lying that much to begin with. The goal of lying is to make people believe about your lies, and the art of it is to give a deceivable truths. But if you are not confident, you will fail. You can’t and won’t do anything if you are not confident. Being confident assures other people to believe in you. Of course, All I wanted to say to be confident every time. Because being confident gives you the feeling of dominance for the least. I am not trying to encourage you guys to lie, but I am trying to make you see on how people WOULD lie. Peace out!

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