The Forest

Dear diary,

A few days ago, I was with my friends sitting at my college’s gazebo. We were talking about many things: how technology improves humanity, how culture impacts the world, how corruption affects a country’s economy, etc. I listened to their thoughts as the breeze of the wind blew through our body. Hearing the sound of nature as the birds chirped on the roof. Discussing our opinions of the world, for it is entertaining. Making theories of our opinion and conclusion; as if we were children wandering and walking through the forest, playing in our imaginations.

“Let’s play a game”, said my friend Yazz. “But what game?” did I ask. He answered, “The game is called The Forest. If you don’t already know about it, it is basically a realistically scary version of Minecraft.” If you ask me, I am not a fan of any other games that have Minecraft elements. But then I thought, why don’t I try it?

So he told me to download it and the rest of my friends waited for me to download it. It is a steam game, and it is a paid game. I am not a type who likes to play paid games other than Minecraft. But I was so curious that I had to buy it. I bought it! So I clicked the game on my Steam and press play. Waiting for the loading screen to bring me to the menu, and I pressed multiplayer. I joined my friend’s server and I was spawned in the world.

The first thing I saw was a background story on how I was stranded. I was in an airplane, sitting with my son. My son was sleeping, so I took the book that he held. The book was a survival guide. I didn’t think that I would use it in my life, or that’s what I thought. A turbulence occurring as the pilot said. The plane is falling from the sky. My heart beating every second. Blood rushing through my vein. My soul screamed as if I saw the reaper. I was scared to death. The plane crashed before I knew it.

I opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw was a person. He took my son! “Don’t take him from me, please!”, I thought as I didn’t have the strength to talk. My vision was fading slowly. My consciousness left me as the time passed. Before I knew it, my vision went black along with my blank mind. But in my black vision, I saw a light shining in my eyes. What is this warm sensation? What is this light? I woke up and opened my eyes, only to see that I was covered in blood. Corpses I saw, with no other survivor besides me. My stomach shook in my body, asking for food. My throat feels as if I swallowed sand. I was hungry, thirsty, and left with no food (or so I thought). Just in a brink of desperation, I found food and drink supplies. I felt rejoice and hope.

But I can’t just stay in the crashed plane, I need to find my son. So I took an axe in the plane and venture beyond. That was kinda the lore in the game. Of course, I played with my friends so I am not the only survivor. It’s kinda funny how we are different people having the same child. But I’d admit it was fun.

You know, the first time I felt when playing my first survival in Minecraft was horror and my will to survive. The zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders, everything scared me. But the thing is, each time I played survival, the feeling of the horror fading, and so was my will to survive. I learned the system and the rules eventually. And now, surviving is too easy in Minecraft. I don’t even need to build a home to survive. I need no drink, I don’t worry about food that much. Maybe, just maybe, The Forest is better than Minecraft in terms of surviving. The monsters are not a joke, unlike Minecraft. You have a limited time to make yourself a shelter, where as making a shelter requires a lot of resources. Let’s not forget to mention about food and drink supply. It was not easy to get food, let alone to even hunt a hare. But it’s kinda a good thing for me as the feeling of survival is there. And it’s even better when you play with your friends. You are much safer with you friends around. It’s seemingly obvious for everyone to say this, but there are type of enemies that has a good level of organization. You can work together with your friend to defeat them as if you are in an MMORPG. You can be a tank or a damage dealer in your raid party (not an actual, but pretty close).

For as long as I played Minecraft in my entire life, I have to admit that in terms of survival, The Forest wins. But in versatility and flexibility, Minecraft still sits on it’s throne. Even though you love a game or a thing in your entire life, there are bounds where you grow weary of it and try new things. After all, humans are curious beings, no?

Jazz (Real name: Michael Chuang) is a high school boy who created this website (, and he loves playing Minecraft.
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