A Story in Every Step

Dear diary,

Hey, I am back from my weekly routine. This week has been a blast! I want to tell all of it to you. Since I love exaggerating things, I’ll deliver it with a story. Here it goes:

A deep, dark world, crushing me and tear all my realities. Everything went so different in my eyes, yet I took it for granted. Strange, I could fly and bend space in my will. I felt as free as a bird, soared as high as a titan, struck as hard as a clap of thunder. But then, a mysterious sound came in. Slowly but sure, the volume increased. And there I was… awoken.

I opened my eyes, stared at the darkness in my room. The chills inside my room biting me to my veins. Then, I heard a mysterious sound I turned on the lights, equipped my glasses, and checked my smartphone only to realize that it’s time to move on from my dreams (Not that I remembered it). The time showed me it’s 05.00 AM and it was time to prepare. Prepare for what, you ask? PREPARE FOR WAR!!! No, I just wanted to prepare for my college. I took a bath with some soap and shampoo (I didn’t forget the water as well) and eat my breakfast. I checked my phone and it told me that the time was 06.00 AM. It was time to depart.

I summoned a driver to deliver me and my soul to the bus stop. I then walk and wait for the bus. I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait and wait and waitandwaitandwaitandwaitandwait until the bus came. The bus came, so I entered it. I remembered that I came into the bus with my right foot stepping forward first. I took a seat and wait until the arrived at my destination. I took a sip of tea at McDonald’s and continue my path at 08.00 AM. I arrived at my college (which I will refer it as my base from now on) and did whatever a college student does until 5.30, then I went back.

The routine goes like that. It’s the same as what I wrote some time ago. But within this week, I experienced lessons. The first lesson was when every one of the new students was given a task to do a talent show in their respective groups. Each group has ten members, and there were 12 groups in total. In my group, there was one member that is different from others, which we’ll refer to as SM. It’s normal for us to be awkward and quiet in our first days, but this is our second week being together. He was inactive and a loner in my perspective. We were in a dire situation. Whereas other groups decided their talents to show, we haven’t. The day before the talent show did we decide what to show. We decided to sing at first. That is until SM refused the idea for he had “claimed” to hate music (Which is preposterous, and a blatant lie because we all saw how he reacted to music). SM instead suggested a stand-up comedy, which we had no choice but to respect and follow his suggestion (Which by the way, he was not the leader).

The hours before the show starts, we held a group meeting. four people (supposedly) were the stand-up comedians, and the rest being a background character and laugh. When we asked SM how ready were he for the stand-up, he then wanted to cancel his very own idea. three comedians left, and we were all talked behind SM on how he had been a jerk. He was inactive and did not talk at all in our meeting from the beginning and he wanted to have things in his way. Even on sports day when everyone is so excited about winning the game, he sabotaged us by being slow (And that was our first game).

The show started, and it was our turn to shine (I hoped). The comedians made great jokes, and the background characters laughed, all except SM who played his phone without paying attention to our show. We did not win of course, but we were fine with it (because we ended up excluding SM subtly).

This gave me a lesson. To contribute to the team at least a bit so we can at least be helpful. I have to admit, I did the same thing to SM to some extend (Although I made some spectacular victories in the end :3).

The second lesson I learned was from yesterday. Yesterday was the inauguration day. I’ll skip the beginning of the days and hop to the time that I need to go home. So me and the boys from my campus are allowed to go home first, which was 06.00 PM whereas the rest had to wait until 08.00 PM to go home. I waited for a friend, which we’ll refer to as F for now. But on 08.00 PM, even though I texted him where I was, he was already at someplace way further than our initial meeting point. He said that he escaped from the inauguration and got lost. I checked the map and it was 8,5 miles. I did not believe it, because he said that he went there by walking. With my phone low on battery, I had to shut down my coverage and walk for 3,3 miles to the bus stop. I walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked and walked and walked and walked and walkedandwalkedandwalkedandwalkedandwalkedandwalked until I arrived at the bus stop.

By the time I arrived, I saw a girl, standing alone. I then realized that she was from the institution as same as mine, so I approached her. We had a conversation for a while, and little did we realized that the bus service was over because of time. By the time we realized, we decided to take the train. We found another girl also from the same institution and we advance to the train station. I then call ourselves as comrades. I told them that I never took a train before, but I actually took a train a long time ago. I told them that because I needed guidance (I thank God for helping me through these tough times). I wanted to ask them for their numbers, but I realized it was futile because I knew that I will not meet them again. I was just grateful that I met them at least once. I arrived at transit to advance to my final destination. But by the time I have just arrived, the train left me behind. :'(

Little did I realized that it was the last train. I waited. When I realized it, I quickly said goodbye to my comrades for the first and the last time, ordered a taxi, and blitz off to my home. I finally arrived home and to be scolded by my parents for I have arrived late, super late. I tolerated them scolding because I was partly at fault.

So the lesson I learned the most from the second story is that God will always by your side, through hard times, and we will never thank God enough for that. Each step we take leaves us a story of its own, waiting to be told one day.

I guess that’s my crazy week for now, huh? I bid you farewell. See you next week!

Jazz (Real name: Michael Chuang) is a high school boy who created this website (jdiary.net), and he loves playing Minecraft.
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