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This Is Why I Avoid Using The Word ‘Selfish’

B: Hey, dude! Can you give me some of your money? I really need it.

J: What for?

B: I want to donate to an orphanage.

J: Why don’t you ask your parents then?

B: I asked them already, but they don’t want to give me.

J: Sorry man, I need the money to buy an action figure.

B: C’mon, man… you’re my only hope, please.

J: No! I will not give you the money.

B: You are being selfish.

J: What do you mean selfish? I always wanted the action figure since I was a kid, and I saved my money since I was

    a kid.

B: Oh please, donating to those in need is a nice thing to do, and it’s way more meaningful than buying an action

    figure. Stop being selfish and just give me the money!

E: Hey, Benjamin! Are you ready for the orphanage? Oh, hello there Jacob!

J: Hey, Ethan!

B: I’m ready if Jacob is willing to lend me some money, but he is being selfish!

E: Is that true, Jacob?

J: What do you mean? He asked for some money and I simply said no because

 I need it for something else.

B: Yeah, for just a stupid action figure.

J: Hey!

E: If that is the only reason for you to refuse the money then you are selfish. Just give him the money! We are

    almost late.

J: What business do you have? I don’t have business with you! It’s only between me, and Benjamin.

E: Benjamin’s business is my business, and that means I also have a business with you.

J: Ethan, not you too…

E: What’s the point of buying an action figure when you can do something more

 meaningful and benevolent?

J: ….

My Opinion About This

Ah, hey guys! Jazz is here. As you have read the dialogue, what do you think? Do you think that Jacob is being selfish for not giving the money to Benjamin? I don’t wrong you for that, since I may say the same. By intention, it is clear that Benjamin and Ethan have a nice intention, and Jacob not giving some of his money to donate to the orphanage kinda stingy. But aside from that, I think that they are being a douche bag.

Why do I say this? Okay so let me explain this one by one. Let’s start with Benjamin.

In this situation, we can assume that Ethan invited Benjamin to go to the orphanage to donate. With unknown reason, Benjamin agrees to join. But the thing is, he has no money (according to the situation), so he has to borrow some money so he can donate it. Benjamin here is the selfish one here, and a hypocrite. Benjamin is being pushy towards Jacob, and when Jacob denied his request, Benjamin got angry. Thus he called Jacob selfish, although Jacob here has no business at all with Benjamin, to begin with.

The reason Benjamin is being selfish is simple. He just wanted to protect his ego for not being called stingy later when he arrived at the orphanage. I personally think that Benjamin shouldn’t donate yet, given that he has a financial issue. So in conclusion, he doesn’t deserve the money from Jacob and shouldn’t go with Ethan. Boy, is he a couch potato or what?

Ethan is our good guy, initially. But as the story goes on, Ethan became a douche bag. Why do I say this? Well, it’s because Ethan is impatient. Ethan’s impatient behavior made it seem like he is selfish too, but his action is totally okay. Ethan has a good intention, and he is being kind by giving Benjamin a chance to do kindness. But given in situation, it seems that Benjamin wasted the opportunity, and he slows Ethan’s plan, making Ethan late. I think that next time, Ethan should leave Benjamin behind for it.

Jacob, however, is not so selfish. It’s true that Jacob is selfish, but he has all the rights of being selfish. I mean, C’mon! Would you be happy if someone demands you some of your money forcefully, even if it’s for a good intention? I know I am not. I simply believe that Jacob did the right thing to keep his money. He worked his way to save all the money to buy things he likes, and Benjamin, out of nowhere, asked Jacob some money.

Final Word

In this article, I just want to say that selfishness is purely subjective. You don’t get to know that you are selfish or not. But you must know that selfishness is not a bad thing. Selfishness is a normal bodily function, telling you that you are in need of something. Selfishness is like a double-edged weapon for me. If you can use it well, you will be unstoppable to get what you want. But if you can’t use it, it will kill you.

I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.
― Fyodor Dostoevsky

Maybe, the thing that made selfishness hated by people is how one’s actions based on his selfishness. Maybe, the thing that made selfishness hated is just how the word sounds. You should be selfish, but always remember to control it. Trust me, you will like it. Lemme know in the comment for what you think! Bye guys!

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