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Everyone has a different way of living, with a different cause of living it. Whenever you love playing badminton, learn new things or just love to play games, that is you who decide. People sometimes can be judgemental to everything that just not suits them. But in the end, they still can’t decide how you live and how you want it to be.

Hey, guys! Jazz is here. And today, I want to tell you guys about my lifestyle.

My Unique Lifestyle

Okay! So if I am compared to an animal, any nocturnal animals describe me the best. Why? Because I sleep at 5 pm and wake up at 3 am. Yes, I know all of you think that it is not healthy and weird for a human to live at night. But the thing is, it actually makes me happier and healthier. Every day, I wake up at 3 am. I brush my teeth and do some exercises. I do 25 pushups, 25 sit ups, 10 jumps, and 25 squats every day. After I finished my exercise, I usually cook my own food. Or if I don’t want to cook, I can just eat my cereal.

After I eat, I learn my school subjects if I have any tests in the day. Otherwise, I would do something productive. For example, learning new programming languages or developing my website.  At 5.15 am, I would prepare my foods to eat another breakfast. After that, I take a bath and prepare for school. At 6.00 am, I pray to the gods and meditate to concentrate my mind. After things are set, I just need to brush my teeth and style my hair, then go to school.

I won’t tell you what I usually do in school, because it’s just like a normal day of school, students doing their school stuff. But the difference is that I am more energetic thanks to my lifestyle. At 2.20 pm, I have to attend an extra class with my classmates to prepare for the national exam. At 4.30 pm, I went home. As soon as I am home, I take a bath, brush my teeth, change my clothes, then go to sleep at 5 pm. After that, just repeat the process

Reason Why I Do This

The first reason I follow this lifestyle is to recharge my social energy. You know, I am quite a loner and I need some me-time every day. If you are anything like me, I am surrounded by people every single second. And to tell you how I feel, socializing tends to use a lot of energy. The only way to recharge my social energy is to be alone. But before I followed this lifestyle, I didn’t have enough me-time. If my social energy runs out, negative things will start happening to me. For example, social anxiety, nervousness, gradually decreasing happiness.

The second reason I follow this lifestyle is to give me more rest. Before I applied this lifestyle to me, I often didn’t have enough rest. At 6.15 am, I woke up, I changed my clothes, I eat my breakfast (trace amount), then go to school at 6.50 am. After I go home, I have 2 hours of rest before I go to my course. I go home at 9 pm and sleep at 12 am (but it should’ve been 10 pm). If I didn’t follow this lifestyle, I would’ve only slept for 6 hours 15 minutes. But in my current lifestyle, I can sleep for about 10 hours. As a result, I have more energy to do things and that is actually the main reason this website exists.

The third reason is… is… well there is no other main reasons I followed this lifestyle.

Pros and Cons

Okay, so there is definitely some pros and cons that I have to face. Let’s start with the pros!


  • Sleep more (about 10 hours)
  • I can learn more things (Programming languages and other things)
  • Better prepared to go to school
  • If there is enough time, I can go back to sleep
  • Me-time
  • More productive
  • More religious (because I have time to pray)
  • Healthier (because I exercise)
  • Happier


  • Delayed information
  • No courses
  • Less time with family and friends
  • May be judged for the way I live
  • Being extremely tired in the afternoon (from 4 pm above)

Final Words

There are pros and cons in living like this, even controversial. But if it makes me happy, I will live like this. And truth to be told, I see more pros than the cons. So I might follow this routine from now on. You don’t have to follow my lifestyle. But if you read this article, I hope you to be at least braver to live the way you like and be braver to be yourself.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A lot of people just don’t simply have the courage to be themselves because they are afraid of being judged. But I do believe that everyone who reads this article knows how to be themselves. And I know that you are able to be yourself. Bye~!



Jazz (Real name: Michael Chuang) is a high school boy who created this website (, and he loves playing Minecraft.
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