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The Internet is like our second world nowadays. It is so useful, we use it for our daily needs. It helps you do your work, you can play games with it, it gives you informations, and you can chat with new friends. But speaking of friends, there are a lot of ways it could go wrong. For example, when you are single and ready to mingle but you don’t know where to start, you would need to find a place where you can find a mate. The internet is the best place for you to find a mate.

But there is a catch. On the internet, you can be whoever you want to be. With that said, that means you can fake your identity. And you can see in the news, there is a lot of case where rapists and such often use the internet to find a victim. Not only when we want to find a mate, but it also applied to us who want to make friends. Hence, we should be cautious about making friends on the internet. But the thing is, not all people on the internet are bad. Some of them might just be your best friend.

Hey, guys! I’m Jazz here, and today I want to talk about my virtual friends. So there are two people I found on the internet. I met them when we were playing Minecraft. For now, I’ll just be going to use their username.


Okay so let’s start from the beginning. About five years ago, my best friend and I were playing Minecraft. We played together in a server called LegitPlay (Now it’s closed for some reason). In LegitPlay survival server, we made a town. We had a big farm, an exp farm, a barn, and we made hotels. We were very successful in the survival server. In the creative server, We made a hospital (I was the doctor), and minigames. There, my best friend met ZeroNovux. ZeroNovux is from Philipines, about the same age as us.

My best friend introduced me to ZeroNovux. Since then, we played together and we talked via Skype. We even made a video together with my sister. You can see the video down here. By the way, TheXulyGamer is ZeroNovux at that time.

Yes, I know. I was the one who screams a lot. Looking back to those days made me nostalgic (and embarrassed).

Anywho, there was one time I can’t play Minecraft because of my computer. And by the time I can play my computer back, we’ve lost contact. We’ve lost contact for years, I almost forgot about him. But a year ago, we’ve managed to chat with each other. ZeroNovux invited me to a faction server called Colenia. Colenia is a Minecraft faction server where you can make your own faction and interact with other factions. The map actually looks like the map of Earth and has sets of rules that ensure political stability.

So he invited me to his faction. In his faction, I was the minister of technology. It happened because I managed to expand and boost his faction technology and made contraptions to process resources more efficient. With the help of others, We’ve managed to make a nuclear reactor, which is a high-end energy generator that can produce an almost infinite amount of energy powered by uranium and other nuclear substances (Until it broke because ZeroNovux forgot to pull out the uranium when it’s not used). And since then, we played Minecraft together until now.


So about two years ago, I was searching for a new server so I can be an admin in there. After a long search, I am finally happy that I found a perfect server to be a part of the staff. The server was called Eternity Craft. Eternity Craft was an RPG-based Minecraft survival server where you can do what a normal Minecraft player does, plus you can go to dungeon to slay monsters and get their souls to buy magical weapons and armors.

Back then, the server wasn’t popular, and the items were poorly developed. So I had to tell the Eternity, the owner of the server, about the flaw of the server’s magical weapons. And so, he gave me the authority to edit the items. After fixing and created new items made Eternity trusted me to be an Admin in the server. I also came out with kind of a complex weapon ranking system. I also made the staff hierarchy, which was useful to establish authority and ranks.

Eternity and I became friends because of all the things we did. But one day, Eternity’s computer broke. If the computer broke, that means the server is down. The server is down, means that we can’t develop the server. And he can’t fix his computer for some reasons. So eventually, Eternity, the rest of the staffs, and I agreed to put the server aside until the server is back on.

Until now, the server is still down (almost to the point of extinction 🤣) and it has been so long since we talked. But a few days ago, when this website is created, I had a trouble managing this website. Eternity is such an expert in this kind of things, so I asked him to help me fix the website. And he did. He fixed the website. And since then, he is one of an admin here.

Final Words

As a person with trust issues, I couldn’t agree more that you should not trust people you don’t know, especially from the internet. There are a lot of ways the internet is a bad place. But the thing is, the internet has more goods than the bads. As Gandhi said, humanity is like an ocean. if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, it does not make the ocean dirty. well, pretty much the same as the internet.

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.
-Mahatma Gandhi

And even if your friends are virtual friends, that does not mean you have no friends or anything. Your friends does not define yourself. it is you who can define yourself. Without ZeroNovux, I wouldn’t have been a minister in his faction. And without Eternity, this website will not exist. I created this website because I was also inspired by him. You may feel lonely that you only have virtual friends. But virtual friends are friends, and they are your friends. Just be grateful about it, and you will realize that you are one of the lucky ones among the lonely ones.



Jazz (Real name: Michael Chuang) is a high school boy who created this website (, and he loves playing Minecraft.
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