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The thing that makes life beautiful is that it starts with a beginning. From being born into the world, we grow up. Starting to be able to see the world, we grow up. Beginning to defy gravity and crawl, we grow up. Learn how to walk, we grow up. It’s time to run, we grow up. Learn how to ride a bicycle, we grow, and so on. Speaking of beginning, my nickname also has a beginning.

Hey, guys! Jazz is here. Now, I would like to talk about my nickname that we haven’t talked about it before. So why do I love jazz? How did I end up stuck in using ‘jazz’ as my username? Let’s just read and find out.

The Step That Started It All

Remember on how I told you guys how I love playing Minecraft and such? Yeah, I should’ve told you guys how it started. So the story is that I wasn’t a gamer before. I never installed a game before in my life as far as I can remember. Until one day when I was chilling in the middle of a sunny day, my cousin came to my house. Then, we talked about things and just do whatever a kid would do. Then, he introduced me to a game. It was blocky, but I didn’t dislike it. I was aroused in knowing what game did he played. He told me it was Minecraft, then he told me how to play it. Then, I fell in love at first sight.

Of course, I wanted to play it and install it, but I didn’t know how. So I asked my father how to install the game. Magically, he installed it. I played Minecraft since then. I made a brick mansion (Not like in the movie.), I made a pool in it, and I shoot arrows with my bow. It was fun and all, but it broke my iPad. So the story is that when I was just trying to improve my mansion, my sister wanted to play. Of course, I didn’t give her. I was having fun improving my mansion. Grew impatient, she took it away from me. Tug-o-war begins, I used my full strength to pull it off, but my sister can’t be underestimated. Her power at that time was like 75% of my power. It was just a matter of time until my sister grew tired, and my hands were slippery, so the iPad broke with the speed of light. it went so fast, that I was sympathetic towards the iPad, flying like a rocket would do horizontally until it broke.


I know, I know. I am exaggerating. Anyways, it broke. we didn’t know what we should do about it. My mother scolded us because of it.

For months, devastating and mind-degrading months, I was unable to play Minecraft. Then, my internet adventure began. I set on a journey to complete a quest, to be able to play Minecraft back. I saw the light of hope! THE. LIGHT. OF. HOPE. And I think it looked just like this:

Yeah, I think I might have to stop exaggerating for a while. Anyways, I found a PC version of Minecraft, but it was paid. So, I had to buy it and ask my dad. He only said that I can play it as long as I canĀ pay it. I had to buy Minecraft, I just had to, and so I bought it. But here is the most annoying part, the username. Yes, I didn’t have a username at that time, so I used ‘mikeyman2’ as my username.

The Awakening of Jazz

Era of jazz300

Ah okay! So there’s my username, ‘mikeyman2’. That was the start of playing Minecraft on PC. Therefore, it was time to end the adventure because I completed my quest. I played singleplayer for countless days until I finally bored playing singleplayer. I realized that I am isolated in a vast universe of Minecraft. So I wanted to try the multiplayer, then I searched for a server. I remembered that I found a server called ClimaxCraft. That was the first server that I can actually enter. I always loved the Creative mode, so I played in creative mode.

I played in creative mode for some time. Until one day, when I was doing my own business, a player came by. I forgot the player’s username, but I would like to give a shout out if I could. He gave me a username idea called jazz300. I fell in love with the name, although I didn’t know what jazz was (It was just sounded so catchy).

Since then, I’ve been playing as jazz300 and finally happily ever after, The End. (Well it should’ve been the case)

Era of JazzDivined

So My friend told me to play DoTA 2 with the others, but I didn’t get interested. But still, I still need to know what it is since I didn’t know what the game is about. So I downloaded it, but I don’t want my friends to find out. I didn’t want to use ‘jazz300’, So I need to come out with something. I want to have a username that still has ‘Jazz’ in it, but a completely original username. So I came out with ‘JazzDivined’. At first, I wanted the name to be ‘JazzDefined’, but I didn’t know how to spell it, so I got ‘JazzDivined’. But I as I knew this, I didn’t care about it because it looks cooler too. And since then, I’ve been using ‘JazzDivined’. ‘jazz’ in this website is actually from my original username, ‘JazzDivined’

Final Words

I posted this article if any of you wanted to ask the origin of my usernameĀ because most of Minecraft players that played with me some time asked me about the origin of my username. And I can easily tell the story now that I only have to give them a link about it. And yes, this article is not for motivational purposes or anything, it’s just to let you know the origin of my username. Therefore, no quotes for today.

This is not a quote

Well as you know, life starts when you are born. But even life itself has an ending, death. Just like our life, this article has an ending too. Whenever there’s an ending, there’s a goodbye, and I want to say goodbye to you for now. Peace!

P.S: The light from the sky picture is taken by me when I was on a trip.



Jazz (Real name: Michael Chuang) is a high school boy who created this website (jdiary.net), and he loves playing Minecraft.
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