Humanity Hacked

Dear diary, I find this week… unique. I’d say it’s unique because it has a lesson I can never forget in my life, and I want to share it to you all. But take this story with a grain of salt, for it might cripple your morality. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Anyways, I am not […]

The Forest

Dear diary, A few days ago, I was with my friends sitting at my college’s gazebo. We were talking about many things: how technology improves humanity, how culture impacts the world, how corruption affects a country’s economy, etc. I listened to their thoughts as the breeze of the wind blew through our body. Hearing the […]

A Story in Every Step

Dear diary, Hey, I am back from my weekly routine. This week has been a blast! I want to tell all of it to you. Since I love exaggerating things, I’ll deliver it with a story. Here it goes: A deep, dark world, crushing me and tear all my realities. Everything went so different in […]

Through The Night

Everyone has a different way of living, with a different cause of living it. Whenever you love playing badminton, learn new things or just love to play games, that is you who decide. People sometimes can be judgemental to everything that just not suits them. But in the end, they still can’t decide how you […]

Schedule Announcement

Hey, guys! Jazz is here. Anyways, I just want to announce that I will be posting new articles every Saturday. This is not going to be a long post, just an announcement. Of course, when I said Saturday, I mean Saturday in Indonesia. Indonesia’s Time Zone is GMT +7. So in New York, for example, […]

My Meaning of Life

Everything here in life has a meaning. For example, the meaning of food is any substances consumed to provide nutritions, the meaning of a toy is an object for a child to play. The meaning of a chair is a separate seat for a person, typically with 2 legs in front and two others at […]

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